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How a local real estate investor uses Andy’s Pest Control to get all his homes pest-free.

Xavier is a local real estate investor in Peterborough and is the founder of MARKEN Property Investments, a company that specializes in buying homes directly from local homeowners in the area.

The team at MARKEN purchases homes “as-is”, or, in their current condition. From there, they rehab and flip them for new owners to enjoy. This means Xavier and his team face new challenges with every home they purchase.

They may see everything from mold or structural issues to pest infestations. And while this service can provide a win-win for sellers and buyers, Xavier and his team can’t do it alone. So MARKEN depends on specific partners and subcontractors who specialize in their field and can help them achieve consistent results.

And for every home they purchase that requires pest control, they rely on Andy’s Pest Control to help them get the home pest-free. In fact, Andy’s Pest Control has become MARKEN’s go-to for any and all pest issues in every home they purchase. Because he’s always purchasing and flipping properties, Xavier and the MARKEN team have seen everything from homes plagued by wasps or carpenter ants, interiors filled with fleas and other hard-to-exterminate pests.

To quickly and efficiently get these homes pest-free, they partner with Andy’s Pest Control. “I have used Andy’s services on many occasions,” says Xavier, “I have had nothing but good experiences working with Andy. He shows up when he says he will, guarantees his work and is reasonably priced. He maintains excellent lines of communication. I’ve depended on him to answer my inquiries on potential pest issues and he will continue to be the person, and company, I lean towards whenever I have an issue or question regarding pests. He has always taken the time to explain the process and anticipated results from his work. He’s very knowledgeable in his field of work and I highly recommend him.”

For many construction companies, Realtors, independent contractors, or real estate investors like Xavier, having subcontractors and partners you can rely on is invaluable. It’s crucial to find the right companies to help you complete each project, on time, every time.

So if you’re looking for a partner in pest control who can bring expertise to every situation, be clear about what you can expect, and who guarantees their results, contact Andy’s Pest Control today.

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